Varsity Competitive Cheer · Two Chrisman Cheerleaders Sign to Continue Cheering at Next Level

Two members of the Cheerleading team will be continuing on with their athletics, at the collegiate level. Sarah McFarland signed to Missouri Southern and Lillian Conner-Urnise signed to Iowa Central at a signing ceremony before school Thursday in the auditorium.
“[Cheering in college means the world to me. It means all the hard work I put in has counted and mattered and it feels amazing that I can continue doing what I love and at collegiate level,” said McFarland.

McFarland will also be pursuing a degree in education and has found a good match in her school of choice.

“I chose this college because they understood my mission and where I wanted to go with cheer. The school is small and it’s a good opportunity to get know everyone and not just be another face,” she said.

Conner-Urnise will be pursuing a degree in dietetics and looks forward to the opportunity to continue her cheerleading career.

“It means that I can reach my full potential and use those skills later in life to help younger people learn how to cheer, and It’s a way to get college paid for,” she said.

The spring signing moved the number of Chrisman student-athletes continuing their sport in college to eight, with one signing in the fall and five more having signed in the winter.