Boys Varsity Tennis · 2020 Tennis Senior Spotlight

The Athletic Department would like to honor all six of our senior tennis players for their hard work and dedication they have put in over the years for our tennis program.  Head Coach Jason Grubb gives his praise to this special group of student athletes:

“The Class of 2020 Boys Tennis is an incredible group. It is a collection of strong character young men who found our program in different ways and times but will sadly leave together as the group above all that Coach Hawley and myself wish could’ve been the most. From new players like Shikhar Srivastava, who could be found hitting balls against the wall at the Santa Fe Park before even joining the team to Abdul Ahmed, a foreign exchange goof who joined us from Tanzania, this groups is fun. Trenton (TJ) Butt and Sam Foster have contributed 3 strong years to our program with light-hearted demeanor and being strong mentors to other teammates. Brock Edwards himself was one of our best recruiters and was a well-rounded player with few flaws and contributed to other school activities like Choir and Theater as well, showing his work ethic. Lastly, Sam Hawley, contributed leadership and persistence to our team, having State tournament ambitions before our season was cut short. All of these six young men make Coach Hawley and myself so proud. They were the first group of Boys tennis players to defeat Truman in the past six years with their victory last year as Juniors. Their determination to improve this season was motivated by four close defeats last year and the real possibility of a Conference and/or District Championship this season. We will greatly miss them as they pursue other endeavors at college or in the workplace continuing to play the lifelong sport that is tennis” said Coach Grubb.